BiblePay (Coding on Stratis temporarily stopped.)

BiblePay is a decentralized, global, secure, internet currency. Send money to anyone, anywhere, instantly!


City Chain Foundation

City Chain is a new blockchain and platform, Smart City Platform, that

has the purpose of making the technology accessible and useable by  everyone.  



CIVX is a cryptographic token that provides a way to access the resources and capabilities of the ExO Ecosystem required for transformation in the face of disruption. 



DeStream is the first decentralized financial

ecosystem for streaming.



Impleum is a blockchain solution designed for implementation blockchain technology into mobile,

web and desktop enterprise applications and other software. 


Obsidian Platform

ODN coin provides anonymous access to OSM, an encrypted mobile messenger app.


Radium (Coming Soon...)

Radium is a decentralized blockchain service provider utilizing a modified Proof-Of-Stake utility token to deliver services that enhance security, productivity, and organizational transparency.


Redstone Platform

Redstone provides incentives for the community to develop and host dApps, web services or games.



TWIST is a platform and ecosystem that will revolutionise the usability and accessibility of the blockchain.



x42 is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to be a multi-chain solution for DApps.